The Negative Effects of Rap


Have you heard a rap song lately? 

They talk about sex and getting money mainly.

Oh, you just like the beat?

I read them verses in your tweets.

I know the way they rap is kind of neat.

Just makes you wanna repeat.

But you gotta look at the negative side.

What these verses actually hide.

Listen to me I'll be your guide.

They say rap can affect your education rate.

But homie that can affect your fate.

More and more people looking for the easier way.

Trying to be Weezy or the next Trey.

Rappers be sugarcoating the negatie effects.

But with all due respect,

they're freaking incorrect. Sorry if I'm too direct.

I know rappers have money, women, and fame.

But look how many people made it to the game.

Leaing the rest of them behined.

WIth no job or education, or the two combined.

Kids dropping out of school. 

What a damn fool!

Pursuing rap, that's typical.

But when they fail, their life is gonna be miserable.


Kenn ImGuyanese

U got knowledge and still lil' mama (y)

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