To the needs of me


United States
33° 57' 46.134" N, 116° 32' 14.6112" W

- I sit sit here frustrated as most quite possiboy anyone would be
- im 10,000 short from attaining my degree
- my father wont help and my mother makes very little cheese
- im just a young 22 year old kid looking for a degree
- PA is full of excuses and frankly my ears have grown shut
- Where do I turn.... some bank from out of the country said
- we have a small intrest rate of 9. billion and somthing
- and my counsler said i should of saved my things
- well brothers and sisters
- its looking blique
- and honestly
- one thousand dollars would be enough to get me my degree
- possibly get back on my feet
- finds these X g's
- and leave
- graduate
- and make it to the league
- I long snap my friends
- and that is all i need
- for my craft has taken me
- from my knees
- to the greatest feelings between you and me
- for my dreams rest in humboldt
- and in my future I believe


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