Need Alotta Jesus!

and it gets so hard sometimes I -- I just wanna break down and cry.. i cant get these tears to fall down i-- i just want some release, some freedom... but i tend to take after my ancestry, im so strong its hard for me to be vulnerable.. I need you Jesus! All your strength and wisdom.. cus sonetimes i-- i just wanna close my eyes jesus, and never open them again... My scariest of nightmares seem like the sweetest dreams, compared to these bitter realities! Im praying Jesus.. I--I try to be so strong that i--i am so weak.. Jesus! I--I put on so much of a show, a spectacular appearance that i--i should win an oscar! See Jesus! I--I got this terrible Scar on my soul, and Jesus! all of the world keeps patching it up with peroxide and band-aids.. but Jesus! Everytime i--get comfortable, thinkin its healing.. it gets a lil uncomfortable and ripped off my chest, taking more and more of me away Jesus! but im coming to you now Jesus! scar wide open!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a great poem

prayer changes things

give god/jesus something to work with

tell yourself that your life is precious and you are precious

keep writing


This poem wonderfully shows being open in prayer. Great faith and great hope.



Grace Phillips

Powerful... keep writing and keep going to Him! He's the only one who can do anything with the scar. Thank you for keeping it real and being painfully honest and vulnerable.


I liked your poem. Its deep in my opinion


I liked your poem. Its deep in my opinion


Powerful my friend!!! I love how you admit that you can't  do this alone and that you need Jesus in your life. God can do great things in our lives if we just give our lives to him. "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me" Phillipians 4:13- is one of God's great promises for us for it holds truth that God will strengthen us, heal us, and guide us along this bumpy, harsh path we call life.Never give up my friend especially on God. Keep him dear to your heart along with his word. Keep writing on my friend:)!!!


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