The Need


United States
36° 33' 37.5516" N, 87° 26' 26.0844" W

How I have seen them suffering day by day
yet I could do nothing I had to leave them
but now i can do something like sit and pray
with all they need they seem to be only condemn

truth be told all they need is salvation
we the people must stand up to stop sorrow
we tend to have everything in this crazy corrupt nation
yet there are those who have nothing to swallow

there is always a way to help those in need
through depression, money, life, and something to eat
all you need is to learn how to truly lead
this time no retreat we must stand, be discreet

for love must be in us to help the needy
not everyone you know must be greedy



I was thinking of other countries and I dont think its a very good poem I was trying to get a nice Shakespearean sonnet but its a bit rusty. I did get my point across in a way, I wrote partly about being there and not knowing how to help about leaving and learning how to help to teach others how to help. Its hard to write a sonnet I haven't in a while and I was stuck on the subject so it didn't allow me much room to elaborate. but I still like it ^^

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