Nature's Spirit

Sat, 04/20/2019 - 16:34 -- Lem

As far as one can go, as far as the eye can see.
Each time, each step the distance grows near... Once there, another goal to reach is given.
The footprints you leave have been set by your presence.
Once the destination is reached, another appears.
Where you have set eyes upon, peacefulness was felt.
Over time, different forms of beauty arose.
Feelings and emotions strucked by fear, questioning what should be agreed on, out of fear.
What fear was felt, when viewing the beauty of the skies? What fear was felt when viewing the stars?
Nature's Spirit dwells within these feelings of viewing what is beautiful...
To see Spirit, you must figure out your reflections key, find peace between the heart and mind,
All in exchange for what makes it easier for human nature, the beauty of nature dies...
Yet, the eternal beauty never dies, rather another life is created to adapt into what man has taken for granted.
Now, God's who created the beauty of Earth, finds there way around to bloom.
The spirit becomes visible to the wandering curiosity of the pure. They do not hold grudges, or pain.
The view of their lights is uplifting, the uncontrollable energy becomes visible indeed.
These are the very essence that is connected to the real world.
Though their voices have not yet been heard, the view of their existence is infinite, in Earth and the Universe.
It is required, to reach the same feelings the world and it's animals have... To understand Nature's Spirit without judgement.

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