Nature Will Have Vengeance


Red plastic cups are every party’s necessity

Without them it would just be a gathering

The products in mass for a fraternity raid

But do you even know how they degrade?


Plates made of Styrofoam

Convenient for a family home

Not a second thought as you purchase on the daily

Would you even guess they have zero recyclability?


Air conditioning is every man’s luxury

The fumes of coal and oil are golden in this century

That’s chloro-floro-carbons cooling your face

How can you not care when our ozone is out of place?


Pesticide! Insecticide and fertilizer!

Pouring and spraying so often, I think you need a tranquilizer

Killing! Killing! Killing!

Not realizing that those are the beneficial insects that are shrilling.


Mother Nature lives and she is violent,

Her woes and misery will no longer be silent

She lives in fear of her destruction,

How will you react to her avenging abduction?

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