Nature Interrferes with Everything

Tue, 06/24/2014 - 21:13 -- sakina

The heart is nature

World falling to the brim

Unraveling like violets

The wind ravaged

strike the match

We walked together like moving mountains

The sun only last's so long

In hieme super nos, beata esset

The spirit of my brother is like a blue fire

Poppies popping away from sight 

The wind blows the water cold

The beautiful leaves crunch dead to the ground

Cold, dark and empty

She laid back and breathed in the active existence of a redemptive thought

Nothing could hold back the wintery brittle that came next

All hope vanished

The spring fever returned

Omnia Incipiunt fieri, nunc pleno orbe, nunc,

The flowers told you something great was coming

The heat

Then fire burned like an estranged locomotive,

Spreading things like a wildfire held in place

The people chose their leader as if they were shopping for redemption in a broken eternity

The love that was forgotten

Push forward

On the day he left my father rode cloudless skies

Over but  finished?



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