Nature extravaganza

Sat, 10/01/2016 - 21:35 -- Megh1

A few can see the small faint beauty of the nature

But I wake up to see the new beginnings of every passing day.

Faint broken disk merging with the misty clouds in the west

The bush in the lawn shakes up with the flapping of the birds

The dark sky full of stars changing into a blue-shaded clothing

Here comes the Sun with a bright smile on it's face.

The dew from the grass gleamming brightly on its' tip

As I walk over them and feel their misty touch

White butterflies enjoying it's first flight after the great night of birth

Here comes the dawn showing the gentleness in it's fog.

Small distant figurines walking through the morning fog

Workers in neon green engage in violent battle with the weed in the lawn

Splashing water in my eyes,I look at myself in the mirror

Here comes the morning with it's sonata of energy.

Morning breeze blowing on the misty fog over the pond

Once or twice in a moment,the otter looks up to the sky

Dried maple leaves play flute and harp under the willow tree

Here comes the lazy noon with melody of relaxation.

The sky now changes into it's elegant sparkly-black cloth

Somewhere in the forest a deer hums slowly

The crickets in the bushes emsembles an orchestra in the dark

Here comes the night with it's novel of mystery.




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