Naturally Beautiful

There are no words stronger than the words from hate,

No bond stronger than the one of love,

No power like the God above,

It is just incomparible,


There are no waters like the ones of the rivers,

No light like the one of the sky,

No support like the one from family,

No beauty like natures pride

It is just a cherishable blessing from the most high


There is no truth like the one from the heart,

No finish like the one following a rough start,

No smile like the one from sincerity,

It is just rare to find such purity


There are no comparisons to what's real,

No way to remake the pure form,

So why surpress the real you to follow a new world norm,

I prefer the real light because so angelic it appears,

No uncomfortable tides coming into the shore of what's naturally here,

And when damage strikes; the heart rebuilds the uncommon light,

By day a beautiful canvas leading to an even more beautiful scene by night,

So why should we try to remold what's already been molded right,

Seems to me that we're just fighting a senseless fight,


So why recreate what's naturally beautiful?

Why defecate words that once heard are unmutable?

Why damage a mind that one day will be so useful?

Why kill nature knowing that you can't re-make something so beautiful?

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