Natural Beauty

She walks in silent beauty

Staring at the luminous moon

Reflected back in her eyes

The night’s wind gently caresses her

She walks softly on the sand

Eyes full with excitement

Walking farther, and farther still.

Dipping one dainty foot

Into the calm indigo water

She closes her eyes and exhales

She walks deeper into the water

Smiling brilliantly

Frolicking in the water

A child like innocence shines

Out of her glowing eyes

She laughs loudly

Everything seeming at once

Both beautiful and wonderful

The stars twinkle brightly

The moon smiles indulgently

Upon this human creature

The water playfully draws her closer

The wind plays with her silky hair

The trees whisper to her

Nature embraces her

With grace and beauty

A message from the Almighty

“Love thyself, Thou art loved “


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