People of the world, do not let NATO brainwash and deceive you.

NATO is not a peacemaker; it is a combined war machine.

This organization cannot bring true peace to the world.

Wicked men and women do not know the meaning of peace.


NATO is under the sinister influence of the United States.

Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes.

All the members of NATO have the same evil intention.

NATO is a coalition of dictators who want to dominate the world.


NATO uses economic sanction and military action to accomplish its objectives.

It oppresses the countries that are not its members.

Furthermore, it turns against anyone who disagrees with its wicked policies.

NATO is in fact a filthy and disgusting organization.


All the members of NATO are hypocrites and liars!

They do not like one another, but they will fight together against you.

Do not trust the double-tongued leaders of NATO.

They are full of corruption and they do the work of the devil.


NATO is a contagious disease and it is the mother of terrorism.

The countries that refuse to join with NATO make the right decision.

They will not lose anything except the contamination.

Nations of the world, get out of NATO before it is too late!

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