Nation's wealth

From start to end , it is sheer toil;

He always burns the mid-night oil,

His character, conduct shouldn't spoil;

He learns patience and not to boil!


He must heed to his conscience;

He is a man who dwells in science;

He ought to keep his ethics good,

And love his duty, brotherhood!


God is the Healer in essence;

Doctors are souls in quintessence;

His craft and art need common -sense;

The stress and strain shouldn't make him tense!


Respect the doctor for his job;

To pay Paul, he may Peter, rob;

The world can't thrive without doctors;

He faces challenging factors.


But God is by his side always;

Through perils, strife, he passes days;

And satisfaction becomes base

That goads him do well in each case!


The world must thank doctors, like God;

May they live long sans any rod;

They slog to maintain patients' health;

Doctors are nation's priceless wealth!

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