Natalie Who?


I write for many reasons 

But few of them I share

I am usually reserved 

And it may seem like I don't care


Few people know 

That I'm a poet at heart 

To explain what it means 

Well, I don't know where to start 


Poetry has been 

My escape in many ways

It has seen me through it all

Through my darkest of days 


Rhyming comes so easily

The structure of the words

Everything makes sense 

Nothing is as blurred


People often say 

That the words that I write

Have my heart and soul in them 

That they can feel my fright 


When I write what I feel

Be it happy or sad

It helps me to release 

Some of that emotion I had 


Poetry is my life

It helps me in everything I do

Without it I would be no one

I'd just be Natalie who?





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