Narcissus, Echo, and Nemesis

Sat, 08/17/2019 - 02:18 -- fox0318

He flipped his hair, a smirk riddled across his face.

She reached for him.





With a sweep, she was gone.

He stepped away, beauty and all.

She faded, leaving only an Echo behind.

He walked on.





Her quiet voice floated through the frigid air.

Her small cries rippled, pained but melodic.

They hit her. Another her mind you.

Her fingers grasped his luscious locks.





She dragged him away from the crowd.

A cry escaped his lips, the nerves jumping in his head.

They arrived at a mirror, his pretty face staring back at him.

A smile graced his lips.





With a whirl, with a sweep.

He was entranced beyond belief.

She did her magic and he was stuck for eternity.

His eyes softened.




                      In love. 

In his eyes, there has never been anyone more beautiful.

Than himself.




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