Narcissistic Me

Ok, I'm a narcissist it's true. That's how you view me in this moment and I'll take that as the roof, of this house that we've built and it needs to be renovated. I know the process is ugly, but if I'm diligent and could beautiful. Something I've never recognized, in realtime, it's unusual. These are my desires, so I must embrace my funeral. God is real and he blesses me wit these lessons. So I take em for what they are and thank God for his protection. I don't have to be willing to improve, but I need my blessings. So I try not to use my power for evil, it'd block my blessings and lead to more depression. Idk, but I know that I would be stressing. Feeling fucked up in hindsight, like dam, that shit was hectic. I apologize, I wasn't ready to acknowledge how I was reckless. I'm better now, foreal cuz. I can see the progression. Aint nobody worth shit unless they reaching for the divine. That's the only time I see a mf fight a decline, in character. Real shit. This is a real as it gets, you stubborn, irresponsible, immature narcissist-ic bitch. I understand why you would flip the script. I did that shit too, but after a while it stopped makin sense. Sure, I can see how mfs got me bent. If I think they care I might ask em for a portion of the rent, bein in my mind ain't free, but if I'm worth it pay that shit. Run me my back pay fake hoe, PAY ME MY SHIT. You was right, and I told you was. I didn't send it back to you, I said "mybad" and I embraced the hurt outta love, for me and you. There was some fear, but fear based actions are not coo. I learned that wen I was on meth and gotta sample of hardknock school. I graduated, and wen I say that, I mean I lived. I learned, without love for myself, I wont have much to fearlessly give. I was raised on love, but I coped wit barely surviving. I was brain washed into believing that I couldn't invest in thriving. So thank you God, for revealing to me the truth. Everybody's out for they self, but shit I need love too. So continue teaching and revealin. I'm sure I'll improve. You are the only narcissist that I can unconditionally embrace. It's not always easy, but I recognize yo face. Man will let me down everytime, but you will not. I submit to your will, I'm done worshipping these babylonian robots 💯💯💫💫🤞🙌💪🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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