A sunflower is warm and bright  

A butterfly is majestic and graceful  

A nana is all of them. 

Butterflies fly and go with the wind, 

Sunflowers decay and grow back,  

Nanas die and lie in a box.  

They can’t regrow, 

They can’t fly back, 

They lie in a box.  

Wither in the ground with the roots 

Or in the family home.  

They lie in a box.  

My nana is a sunflower,  

My nana is butterfly, 

My nana is gone. 

But there will forever be sunflowers  

There will forever be butterflies,  

There will forever be the memories.  

A nana is warm and bright,  

A nana is majestic and graceful,  

A nana is forever and always in our hearts.  


This poem is about: 
My family


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