You do not have to call a thing by the name that someone gives it.

Any person, even a child, can give a natural thing a name.

Nobody has higher authority than others do when it comes to naming things.

For example, meteorologists named a hurricane Fiona,

But you can call that hurricane whatever you want.

Meteorologists do not have more rights to name storms than others.


Astronomers inform us about Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus,

But they do not know the real names of these planets.

God did not tell mankind the names of the things that he created.

So the name that a person gives a natural thing has no basis.

The people who named the things of nature cannot make them.

And they do not have a better choice of names than you do.


If you do not like the name of something, you can give it a different name.

And nobody can legally prevent you from doing that.

People can name the things that they did not bring into existence,

But they cannot force anybody to accept such names.

Although we have the right to name the things that we make,

People can call any product or service whatever they want.

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