Hello my name is well known and will never be forgotten 


dont focus on that right now because it is my power over you and your disbelief of it that is important 


for example i was strolling through a park and noticed a dove with its hatchlings 


so i reached up and grabbed it

and i stroked it , caressing ever feather 

then i finally reached for a talon and with a little pressure... snap .. its broken


not a drastic wound , it just make  the bird walk a little gimpy 


then i start plucking feathers from its head 


next i shatter its left wing and strip it of any feathers. While it chirps in agony , its hatchling watch in fear 


then i set it back in its next and come back tomorrow


i find the gruesome bird again and pick it up


This time i stroke down to its legs

and with a little pressure... snap... snap..

no more walking 


i being to slowly puck every feather

one by one 

but leaving the right wing completly untouched


i clip its singing chords and break its beak shut


i lay it down in the nest surrouned by its hatchling

with only the perfectg wing to remind them of what once was


i wrap my hand around the birds neck squeezing tighter and tighter ... but then i let go and walk away 

i mark another tally on my wrist and let time do the rest.


hello my name is cancer 


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