Naked Truth

      The reality that a gun is the the first thing a man with a badge can find safety in. Blue lights in the rear view mirror, is this the end? Skin color now replaces a persons soul, all they see is half of us, not the whole. Topics of debate that send people through the roof, Well hello my friends, my name is Jesseca. And Here is the naked truth. No longer is it to serve and protect, but it is now the "thing" to hurt and neglect. More lost innocent souls that the stories being told. If i speak out on it, now im considered being bold. So stuck on reality tv that the the reality of you and me is obsolete. Not realizing that Ferguson, Bland, and Martin, they're all me. Generational curses passed down, now they stamp it with a badge, When you hear "man down man down!" , pray its not your son or dad.The naked truth that it can be any one of us,brings unceratin fear,Blue suit ,silver "broach", dont move if the coast isn't clear. Standing on twos, hands in the air, yet somehow they shoot, and dont even care. This degradation, dating back 100 years ago, it never stopped, it never got old. The naked truth for you and me, we must stick together, no more I's ,but we's. Why does anger manifest when they kill our kind, but its nothing to brush off when our own brothers commit the same crime? Love is the verb, its the noun, no longer are we black, but we are where love can be found. Race is nothing but a classification, it does not define our souls. So lets fight against hateration, and lets finish the stories untold.The Naked truth is a hard pill to swallow. Just break it in half and leave a trail to follow. The naked truth that  love starts with us, is going to aid the battle, We must take responsibility as the shephard, not the cattle. Lets bathe ourselves in the naked truth, strip ourselves nude, so that we can recreate history, make it new. But it all starts with the naked truth. For me and you. The naked truth,so harsh yet so true.

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Our world


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