Sat, 09/09/2017 - 05:02 -- Mansi

Yes, the love is naked
Naked enough that 
You can look through it
To the soul and body

It is like a naked baby
A baby, when it is born
Even if it is naked
It is beautiful
And as pure as a baby soul

When the bodies of two
Lean towards each other
One is in sorrow 
Another is in woe
Like the tranquil wave bother
To meet the shore

As if the clouds meet 
To produce thunder and rain
Like the falls from the mountains
Meet in the river, less pain

It is naked enough;
That you can confess
If you’re weak or tough
And all that has been a mess

This love is not;
Just the lover’s love
It is the mother’s love
Sister’s love, brother’s love
Friends love, or even
An alien’s love

It can be any type of love,
Eros, philia, ludus, pragma,
Agape, philautia, or storge
But remember, it is love 

You can’t play hide & seek
If you’re in love
When one is in trouble
And feel fragile and week
As if you’re just a bubble
Can easily burst to the peak
There will be love
To protect you like a lid
Because love is naked

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Our world


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