I am me, myself, and I

I am a man who likes to say hi not goodbye

I am afraid of the day I will die

But I'm also afraid of not living life

I shine bright like the stars in the night sky

I am a brown man living in a white world
I am the accomplishment of goals
A young hooligan with soul
Ready to take the world by storm
Change can be cold
I’ll make sure it’s welcoming and warm
Self- proclaimed king of the dorm
Even the though the title hasn’t been born
Social justice ally I will reform
Don’t be misinformed
Love everyone, we shouldn’t be torn
Breaking barriers, I will not conform
I am I, no uniform
Unique like a unicorn
A rose with internal thorns
On the inside rages a thunderstorm
Try to keep up with norms
But I flow free like a waveform
Don’t be yourself they warn
Follow the rules they warn
Be a machine they swore 
But I am just a human boy
Greatness already born.


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