The In 'N Out Burger Poem (dedicated to Sam Hernandez)

In, out, in and out of my mouth.

I know you're thinkin' dirty,

but those are thoughts 

you need to ditch,

because the truth is I'm just 

eating a juicy sandwich.

It's a burger, topped with bacon and cheese.

When I look at the menu,

all I say is "Yes please."

Don't forget the lettuce.

Don't forget the fries.

There's no doubt that In 'N Out

is way better than Five Guys.

Their burgers are best.

Their buns are delicious.

If you try to touch my food

Ima have to get vicious.

Pretty soon we'll need some drinks

to wash it all down.

Little kids are putting french fries

in their drinks to watch 'em drown.

Coke, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite.

Don't worry 'bout the bill.

Get whatever you like,

because the food here's not expensive

and it's tasty as hell.

Go on and order 5 combos

and cheeseburgers as well.

Our table's a mess but our bellies are full.

My friend is passed out

in a pool of his drool. 

Our work here is done.

The food was quite yummy.

I have a happy wallet

and I have a happy tummy.


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