Myths and Legends

They say myths and legends are old tale

from forgotten times where time ails 

but myths are not forgotten

it least not by the young 

We hear old legends of Athena and Hera 

Who in ancient times were worshipped 

But now 

Their methods are questioned and ignored

Who are they to incite war? 

But in reality 

Those gods are not wrong 

They have their motives 

Their reasons 

They watch over us, quiet and waiting 

They may be forgotten 

By the health gurus and Instagram queens 

But they are still there 

Protecting and watching 

As they have for thousands of years 


Just waiting 

Still the same 

Protecting crops, beauty, and wisdom 

But they are waiting 

And when they are remembered 

for all that they have provided 

All of those who forgot them 

Will wish they hadn't.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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