Mystery love


I see his shadow rising
I feel like going down
Once I feel my dreams
I can't understand how I feel
About this mystery love
Once I need know
How your heart works
I never stop thinking
About you

Cuz how you heard my heart
Racing down my chest
To the walls , towards the ocean
To the world
When I'm around you
I feel safe in your arms

When I sew I think of you
When I shower I think of you
When I walk in the park I think of you
But when the wind brave to my ears I hear you calling me

The shadow of my heart
Doesn't show me what I see
what I feel
how I see it
how I braved it
One same thing I now
when you look at me
My heart shattered in 1000 pieces
For you to pick up
To see How much
I love you

My mystery love of my dreams
Can't you see what I feel

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