Mystery of Life


Day by day

Night by night

Hour by hour

Minute per minute

We go through the world with our routine 

Its a constant cycle that's never end

Can't put a tampon on it and blend in 

It's an epidemic

Refuse to fail in the academic

Whether your a mother, daughter, father, son, adult, or teen

Nothing is ever what it seems

What you think is right could really be wrong

Learn how to prolong  and be strong

Never know which crowd you belong

It doesn't matter, you just have to keep pushing on

Meeting people from around the world

It brings you many of all shapes, sizes, and colors

Men and woman all play the game

You know the game

She know the game 

He know the game

Nobody to blame but yourself if you choose to lose

Don't end up on the "World's List of Losers" hall of fame

Never be a begger, be a chooser, and take aim

Take flight`

Never settle

Save your loved ones

The last bite

Bite, but don't bite off the apple of good and evil

It's all about choice

We all have a intervoice

Speak it loud, say it proud

Like Kelly Rowland, think "Ice"

Take your time, think twice

Never let this mystery of life take a pick

Roll the dice

Mystery of life...

Mystery of life


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