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This place I live seems dark, cold and mysterious
to my liking. I’ve become indistinct
to why I was forced to be here, forced to stay in a reservoir
of new beginnings. Having to stay diligent
to my new life, without knowing what to expect. I was omit
of my old life into a new with a scaring blemish

that I believed I caused. My mom’s blemished
record at work and the mysterious
absentness at work for having my new baby sister caused her to me omitted
from work. With being an only parent and trying not to be indistinct
from everything that was thrown around her throughout her life. She had to be diligent
in figuring out what to do in this reservoir

of hardship and despair. She dreamed of living in a perfect place, a reservoir
in her backyard to look at to make all of her blemishes
flow away in calm, peacefulness. She worked diligently
to make this dream come true for her kids. With a mysterious
chance of luck it happened. She was indistinct
of who sent her this, but it was her a paycheck that got omitted

from the rest of her mail that she brought it. When she looked at the omitted
check and saw the amount printed, she saw the home of her dreams come to life. She could see the reservoir
and the beauty within it. She quickly packed everything she need, indistinct
on how the situation was going to work out, but didn’t care at the moment. Her blemished
life was changing for the good. What she didn’t think was how mysterious
it would be for us. She told me it would be a diligent

change to see something new. But I wanted to keep my old diligent
life. I believed omitting to a new lifestyle so quickly would cause a difficult time changing, seeing mysterious
faces and places. Since I knew I couldn’t change her mind I locked my memories in a reservoir
of my heart, hoping that no blemishes
would fall upon it. When we did get to my new home I became indistinct

that I couldn’t leave the car “Mom, please don’t let us live here.” I said being to indistinct
She told me to take a diligent
pace and not to rush myself into it too quickly. I knew that she wanted to be blemish
free and start again. And soon I did too. I omitted
too much on the past and not of what’s to come. I looked to the reservoir
that my mom talked about. Soon my worries mysteriously

disappeared. I felt great and relaxed. All the blemishes
that once haunted me are now gone. Now every time I look the reservoir
when I have problems all the bad washes away, each time, mysteriously.


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