The mysterious place

Dreamer let your heart be true.

Don't let the world get you blue 

Think of a world thats exciting and inviting you in.

This world that we live in can be limtless.

With a blink and hair .

You could go anywhere.

You could just set a flare.

Or you could just sit and stare.

Even if you beleive without seeing you're a dreamer.

You're never alone.

Into the ocean's tideal wave with friend you may never know.

Such a jolly time you might spend and make amends.

What a trip.

What a dream.

Its endless fun to find a new world .

Dont let it get you down, 

You cant see it all but its there.

It calling you in to say your goodbyes.

For it is the end as the end is to a beginnig.

Dreamer with such heart you will be true.





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I like it! i love your poem thats how I see the world..or at least try to! Also you have a spelling error, Believe is spelled wrong.

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