A Mysterious Love

Chloe, I didn’t leave because I no longer loved you
My intense love for you was affecting my mind
I left because of the extent to which I loved you
The way I loved you was a mysterious thing

Honestly, I didn’t intend to leave you for good
And I didn’t expect you to feel that way, Chloe
You lost heart and you were aggrieved at my action
And you wouldn’t let me explain the situation

I called in the late morning and asked for you,
Your mom said, “I don’t think she wants to talk to you”
I could hear you laughing in the background
And you told your mom to hang up the phone

You thought I’d really left, so you didn’t take me back
Darling, why did you think I’d do that to you?
You hated me for something that I didn’t actually do
I warned you that hate would destroy you

You didn’t know the full extent of my love for you
Darling, even now, you still don’t understand
The mysterious love only existed in my heart
I knew that you couldn’t love me as I loved you

Perhaps you didn’t believe the things I told you
Then again, you couldn’t understand a mysterious love
You thought the love I spoke of was just a concept
Chloe, I shouldn’t have poured my heart out to you


Opul jonathan

This is great .
Its touching..
And nice diction

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