See Look i'm not the best at poems but im sitting here trying to fight my problems  while i'm wiriting
. im the type of rapper or singer i make my own songs but i'm not tryin to become songs are sad and tell
a story of how my life first became sorry.. i'm 13 trying to fight these empty holes that hide inside me...

the darkness takes over as the light behind me slowly disappear right out from behind me.
im feeling kinda sorry for all of those beside me.. im a loser and ive taken my pride somewhere else where 
noone can try and fight me...ive been bullied since day one i'm not trying to hide the pain inside me
im moving on from all these haters and telling them ill see ya later.. dont let bully get you done like me
trust me it came back before and now it haunts me.. take my advice and tell them bullys its not my fault
that i can be perfect if im myself and i like it that way so dont sit there and bully me for trying not to
hide pride is in myself my heart will always shine. now please back off and stop trying to hide me.

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