They always told me no one would love me beause i was big. 

I never said a word of disagrement because they were right.

I watched as my friends threw up their meals saying, If you want to be pretty then don't eat

So I listened because they were right. 

I always thought if i did waht they said i'd be pretty, Thats all i ever wanted.

I never thought people would like me 'cause im not like them

At thirteen i starved myself to be thin lke them 

They said that they were happy i was losing weight, but i wasn't

At fourteen i started self harm i thought it'd help, it didn't i hated myself even more

No one would love a girl who was too big or had scares from her past. 

 I picked up smoking from a friend, and my momma picked up words that could hurt me. 

I never ment for this to get out of hand

I'm fifteen now i still self harm and i eat less than every one, i still think I'm too big

I let their words seep into me like a posion, currupting every part of me

I am no longer pure and I no longer whish to live


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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