I like to learn about myself
I guess I'm arrogant in that way
I guess that
My people
We pray so that some day
We won't have to pray anymore
I guess we
Made our own culture cause
This one was never ours
Guess we black girls did the work
While yall wished on yall stars
No body taught me that
No teacher ever told me that
No school ever taught me what it meant to have a history
What it meant
To have scars on the back of your neck
Seeing your backstory die
in the shipwreck
Watching your royalty erased in 1492
Seeing your health
Blown away with
The measles
With the flu

Wanting to learn
And not being able too
Wanting to be taught
And being taught nothing about you

We're called uneducated
Yeah we dont know shit
We don't know this curriculum been debating
Whether or not we should be a part of it

We dumb as fuck
We don't know the difference between
Oppression and luck

We not thankful
We don't stay in our place
We don't know how to love
Our saving grace

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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