What would I change?


Of all things I wish I could change, that is the only one I can

I have changed myself before, yet, in order the go where I please 

I need to save myself - Change me

I was born to heal and to help bring others to health

Yet how can I do that, when I am blistered 

When I am broken?

I want to change myself

I want to be stronger, impervious to the winds of Time

Yet, that would abandon my humanity

If I am to help people, how can I lose my "people-ness?"

How can I help, if I cannot relate?

Yet, the pain of Time, it breaks me apart. 

Death and Decay

Sickness and Pain

It reaches inside me and breaks me apart

The only thing pulling me forward 

Is hoping I can pull out these parasites

But, there is no hope

These parasites are what cause us to fall sick

They cause us to die

I cannot remove these parasites from my own self

So I must remove them from others

I must free others

For as long as I can

I must change myself, so I can help others


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