For Myself


There are times when I love you

And times when I hate you.

This is the last time

My tears will dampen my pillow

I’m letting go.

Of you. And of us.

I’m moving on.

For me. I’m doing this for me.

I have to; I’m on the road to darkness

And it frightens me.

I loved the lie I guess

Things were fine what happened?

I know that there was a reason why we came together.

But it’s time to close our book with a

“The End”

No happily ever after for us.

But perhaps that’s what is best. This is what I need.

If you ever cared for me

You would understand.

But I need my time. For my heart to heal.

Perhaps in the future, we’ll be friends again but

I have to think of myself, I’ve always thought of you. Well now it’s time for you to think of me.

I won’t fall down again.

I’m sorry; I’ll remember the times we had.

But for now this is goodbye.


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