My Year in Poetry.

Who was I a year ago?

Am I the same person now?

A year ago I was a mess,

I wasn't happy, I was confused.

I had good times and bad times.

But I wasn't confident, brave, or open.

A year ago, part of me wasn't with me.

A person took that from me. 

That person made me into something I wasn't.

I lost friends. It wasn't a big deal anyways.

I knew that in High School I would loose and gain friends.

This person who controlled me, broke my heart.

I still stayed with this person for a month.

I left this person,

When I left this person it was already a new year, 2016.

I felt free, and I felt like someone new.

But... that person wouldn't leave me alone.

It's like this person didn't want me to be happy.

This person kept harming me more and more.

I stood up for myself. I had enough.

I let go, but I missed this person.

It was the best for me.

Months have passed by and I have been better than ever.

I am really happy with myself and my life.

I lost more friends throughout this year, but it doesn't affect me.

It just made me a more confident person.

I am a completly different person than I was a year ago.

Not a bad different but a very good kind of different.

I am now confident, brave, happy and always full of joy.

A lot can change from one year to another.

I love the person who I am at this moment,

And I hope it stays like this.

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