My World Will Survive

My world is empty 

my world is full

my world is dark 

and harsh but not cruel 

my world is old 

my world is new 

my world is mine only 

wish i could show it to you 

my world is fast 

my world is slow

 my world is vast

but my world is my own 

my world is big 

my world is small 

endless?  maybe 

but i know it all 

my world is silent 

my world is loud 

my world is vibrant 

yet its covered by a shroud 

dead it is not 

but ancient and alive 

a young knights promise 

that the world will survive 

this is only the beginning 

we have yet to arrive 

at our final destination 

if its a grave, well thats all right 

at least in this world i made a difference with my life

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This is so beautiful! I've read some of your're truly full of talent :)


Your poetry is very good. You're talented. I'll keep reading your words.


thank you so much you have no idea what that means to me


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