My World Or Reality

During fall, once green leaves turn brown and crusty looking float wondrously from the trees —taking away their once beautiful appearance. It’s too bad that trees can’t show emotion; but in my mind, their branches are trying to gather up the leaves in the air and on the ground to cover up from embarrassment. But I don’t think that’s fair, if the trees have to be naked, then we should too. You know what to do everybody!

During winter, I see snow falling slowly from the heavens to the ground. I can imagine a person from above us scratching dandruff off his/hers head. Kids run from their houses, covered with snow gear; they would make their snow angels and yes they will throw snowballs at each other. From my perspective, all I would see is kids playing in someone else’s dirty hair leftovers. Or maybe from the mind of a drug addict, he/she would think it’s a lifetime supply of cocaine. So people, who needed a fix, had their fix.

During spring, people would see fresh green leaves grow from once naked trees; and from their perspective it’s a beautiful site to see. Well of course it is, have you ever heard of the cliché—money doesn’t grow on trees? Well you guessed right, I think the green leaves are beautiful Benjamin Franklin’s everywhere. We live and breathe money, so I guess trees are here for a reason. I guess if my imaginative perspective were true, then the term poverty wouldn’t exist.

To be honest, I hate the summer. I’m a human being for crying out loud, why would I want to be out in weather conditions that could possibly kill me? I’m sure the sunbathers getting their suntan on the beaches would take my reason as sarcasm. What if we couldn’t create fire anymore? I can only imagine every cigarette addict being outside on the hottest day ever trying to get his/hers cancer stick lit. Funny isn’t it? It’s a relief to finally say goodbye to second-hand smoke everyone.



THis wazz awesome

I love this. Very powerful. I saw you on the mentor list. Would love to have your help and opinoin. 


I really enjoy your style of writing, I'd love some feedback on my poem!

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