my world is made of the stories i've read

I feel so alive in my chimerical head,
Lying here in my past, not yet left for dead.
I’ve gone places near in a cartographer’s words,
But light years away, ‘twixt fire-winged birds.

I’ve climbed a mountain beside Jules Verne,
I’ve lived in a raindrop and watered a fern.
I’ve clung to the boards of weasel-manned schooners
And howled up onstage with my fellowsome crooners.

My keen eyes discovered the boy Tutank’s bed,
My jesting’s superb, the lonely king said.
I’ve padded (quite softly) past slumbering lion,
I’ve played in the night hide and seek with Orion.

My rapier was raised alongside D’Artagnon,
With adventuring teams I’ve sailed the Grand Canyon.
I’ve gone to the beach and stayed for whole summers,
I’ve shot and I’ve killed and I’ve destroyed some Hummers.

My desk used to sit in a small oval room,
My fingers could dance ‘cross a tale-telling loom.
I’ve lived in an orphanage and longed for a home,
Balto and I have raced clear to Nome.

Nimble fingers of mine have lifted Crown Jewels,
I revamped the system, I rewrote the rules.
Entrepreneur’s in my blood, I founded some panes,
I’ve coughed off the dust and bathed in the rain.

Evidently, piranhas don’t care for my taste,
Skyscraping dragons and krakens I’ve faced.
I’ve spoken to angels and flown on their wings,
Once but a peasant, I’ve hobnobbed with kings.

I’ve clung to the back of a white horned steed,
I’ve stepped up to the plate and taken the lead.
I relearned to walk after months of hard work,
I beamed myself up beside Captain Kirk.

Sherlock and Watson I’ve joined on adventures,
I recognized Washington by his hippopotamus dentures.
I’ve traveled the world in a short 80 days,
Beneath oppression, a rebellion I’ve raised.

I’ve seen the world change, I’ve risked life and limb
Age passes age as I recount where I’ve been.
The story never ends, lest you desire it to,
And even at the last, it begins anew.

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This is possibly my favorite of the poems I've found on this site.

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