My world

I have no clue what I want to do in life.

My brain seems to attack things,

Nothing can survive my piercing gaze.

Everything I see is quickly judged and cast out upon a twisted world.

Nothing can survive in my twisted world,

Nothing but me.


I see things bloom to life in my world and,

I kill it.

Nothing beautiful will ever see such a place like this,

For it is too great to see such a horrid sight.

I am not beautiful.

I gaze upon this dead landscape,

Riddled with thirsty, desperate weeds and

A gloomy skyline that darkens the longer you stare.

I gaze upon it day after day,

Walking out to pick the flowers that dare spring to life.

For all I see, will die.

Everything before me has rules but,

I will crush them.

Those rules distract us for what we have,

But I, a fool, can never forget such a thing.

Everything else seems to leave me,

For it is not as important as the doom I face in my world.

In my world… I am me, everything is what I want and don’t want

Whether I like it or not.



A battle begins in my mind.

The skyline pops with color,

A thunderstorm to hide the horrendous sounds.

Random cracks and flashes to bring out the chaos that lurks in the dark.

Flashes of red droplets decorate the air,

And fall upon those innocent flowers

Filling them with madness.

Those flowers slowly go insane

And become greedy little weeds.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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