My World


United States
36° 12' 55.332" N, 114° 59' 14.2152" W


My world is full of monsters you can not see,

Some of which, you look in the mirror you will be.

My world is surrounded with nothing but dark,

The only light you will see


In my world not many can come,

It must be the place in which you are from.

Where nothing is free.

Nothing but little old me.


In my world nobody cared.

Everyone is anything but equally imparted,

There's nobody to hide behind when you are scared,

Get it through your thick skull, son, nobody cared!


But in my world the population is one,

Never knowing when this world is done.

No one can look, they won't be able to find,

Me all trapped up here, in the corner of my mind.



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