My words


I hear this talk

causing this idea to stalk

trying to figure out a way

i can better someone's day

i began to ponder long and hard

but everything sounds like a hallmark card

snap a glimmer of light

solution to this plight

word i share

to show i care

to show positivity

over negativity

to give happiness

to those who receive sadness

not long meaningless phrases

just to put other on temporary dazes

simple thoughts

to form a permanent clot

thank you

my reason for inspiration is you

without your support

i would feel nothing but hurt

with this there is no need for tears

for there is a purpose for these years

think of yellow butterflies

embrace blue skies

breathe easier

and enjoy your time here

place the idea to love

highest above

just remain same

as the day came

when everything feel wrong

know you are strong

 forget the grief

remembering is a better relief

all i am trying to say

i hope i made your day



One word.Encore.

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