To My Wonderful Mom


United States
40° 50' 17.7072" N, 73° 51' 23.7924" W


So many wonderful words describe you,

And they all are full of love,

So here is a poem to celebrate you,

With some help from above,


You always do your best,

And never complain or shout,

You love us all so much,

Although we wear you out,


You keep our family together,

And keep us all on track,

You are the glue that binds us close,

And you always have our back,


With all your running, cooking and cleaning,

You still find time to love us,

And with a smile you always care,

We get on your nerves a lot and make you want to cuss,


Just remember we all love you,

And will try to never let you down,

So stand up and give me a hug,

And please don’t make a frown.

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