To My Wonderful Lover

I want to know how you do it,

How you put up with me every day.

Not because I don't want your love,

Trust me, 

I wouldn't want it any other way.


But really, WHY do you do it?

Is there really something about me

That you find irresistable?

If there is, 

Whatever you see I don't see.


You've blasted a hole in the wall around my heart,

It is now bared to your eyes,

And upon realising you still love me,

Scars and all,

I know you're an angel in disguise.


What did I do to deserve you?

I want to repeat it for the rest of my life,

Whatever good deed I did to be rewarded

Your unconditional love

I'll do it till after I've lived my life.


I know it seems crazy to say it,

But I never thought I'd meet someone like you.

And no matter how often you say it,

That you love me,

I know I'll always love you, too.


Your eyes can see through my soul,

And your smile makes my heart melt.

You can pull me up out of any bad mood,

Even anger,

And make me feel that happiest I've ever felt.


So my love, please don't let me go,

Hold onto me nice and tight, 

for it's you who's on my mind first thing

When I wake,

And lastly when I fall asleep at night.


You're the one who makes me smile,

Who makes my heart skip a beat,

And for you I'll forever be willing to sprint the mile,

or however far,

For without you I'm left in defeat.


Maybe one day we'll be able to look back,

And remember 50 years ago,

When we were young and spry,

Just you and I,

And love the history that we'd wrote.


A history that we can tell,

To the young lovers all around,

And maybe even our descendants,

That is,

If those ever make it 'round.


I've never felt this happy before in my life,

And I know it may seem selfish,

But I hope to have even more in store,

In the future,

And maybe even be your wife.

P.S. I love you more. The end. I win.

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