My Woman Came Back To Me

I thank the person who published my poem
You made my woman come back to me
She was browsing through the newspaper
The title of a poem drew her attention
She saw a familiar name at the end of the poem
And she slowly and curiously read the stanzas

It didn’t take her long to realise who wrote it
And she knew that it was written for her
She threw down the papers and rang me in a flash
She didn’t know that I loved her so much
She must have been blind to my kindness
I accepted her apology for walking out on me

My heartfelt gratitude for her love touched her
And she arrived at my door within the hour
I smiled at her and she ran straight into my arms
Publisher, I’m indebted to you for your help
The poem brought my baby to her senses
I’m so glad that my woman came back to me


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