My Wolf Pup

With the spirit of the wolf in you

You protect and provide for your pack,

At times you won’t know what to do

Don't worry for we will put you on track.


Part of Leti, part of Kasi, part of me

You have a gift from each of us,

A perfect combination of us three

But we still have more to discuss.


From Leti you have her skills

Not as advanced as her but someday,

Your playing will give people chills

They’ll look forward to hearing you play.


Given from Kasi you’ll always be happy

Positive and a shoulder for everyone to cry on,

Even when you’re sad and unhappy

You’ll rise above all, like the sun at dawn.


From me, you won’t have to worry

You’ll push harder and never look back,

Determination I give you against a flurry

Determination to always protect your pack.


As the older wolves say their goodbyes

You try to deny it and tell us to stay,

As we stand together, tears appear in my eyes

For I know you’ll be a great leader one day.


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