My wishing star


United States
47° 39' 36.2592" N, 117° 25' 53.8572" W

My Wishing StarIf I had to be desertedUpon an island shoreAnd was forced to give up somethingThat I couldn't have anymore.I would tell them they could have anythingMy money, my house, my carThe object that I need the mostIn the northern skies, I need my wishing star.My star is what encourages mePicks me up when I am down, Listens to all my worriesWhen I have my frequent breakdowns.My star smiles down upon meIt tells me that I'm beautifulIt says, "whatever you put your mind to,I know that it is doable"I feel its presence It the stillness of the night,It tucks me in, keeps me warmAnd kisses me goodnight.You cannot take my wishing starIt means so much to me,To the star I have given all my worriesAnd they all have been set free.You can't take my starIt just isn't fairPlease don't take my starMy mother lives up there.


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