My Voice Will be Heard


At night I hear the voices,

the voices that tell me I'm no good,

the voices forcing me to remember,

the voices telling me the past is never far.

Then I raise my voice.

One that used to be so weak,

One that had no power,

One that had no where to be heard.

This voice though spoke above it all, 

Through the sorrow that filled a broken heart,

Through the darkness of fear,

Through the lies and manipulation,

 I raise my voice.

I raise my voice so I will no longer not be heard,

I raise my voice in order to make a difference,

I raise my voice to make something of myself.

My voice is my success. 

No longer will my voice stumble or falter,

No longer will I doubt the strenghth of my voice,

No longer will my voice hide in fear. 

My voice will roar, 

My voice will travel,

My voice will be heard. 


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