My Voice is a Weapon

A world of hate and critisism.

A world of judging eyes

What more can we do but listen,

As people speak their ignorant lies.

I know I can't stay silent,

Not when I can fight,

Against the blindness that is given

What ignorance will hide.

My words will be my weapon,

My only way to survive,

In a world where what is spoken,

Is what can change our lives.


I will not be silenced,

I will be heard,

For I have something to say.

"Use your words, your voice!

To remain silent is our choice. 

Nobody else's but your own,

Say something and you won't stand alone."


I can not live without my voice,

This is my freedom, and my choice.

A way to fight against it all

The ignorance, the hate, the fall.

I will not stand to be torn down,

I will not stand to be silence.

This world revolves around the written,

And even more on the spoken.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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