My Voice

Freedom of speech

It’s a given right, but I never use it

My opinions are never said

My thoughts: never imagined

I don’t want to be wrong or rejected

Where did this come from?

When did it start?

To my sibling, I was always wrong

To my past lover, I was rejected

My words meant nothing

They had no value

But then I heard a voice say

“You give me the best of me,

So you’ll give you the best of you”

Someone made me feel important

Someone I didn’t know

Along with this, an old friend came

He made me feel loved

And made sure I knew my opinions mattered

Because of him and that voice

I am changing

I recognize the value of my words

I am slowly voicing my thoughts

I understand the the time it will take

To get where I want to be

Until then, I will be scared

I will get discouraged

But him and the voice will be there for me

And it will all be worth it in the end.

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