My Views 9

Malice, envy, and strife are destructive to everybody.

We should be impartial and condemn all wars.

Do not let anybody teach you to fight and kill one another.

Fearlessly censure arrogant tyrants.

They have stained their hands with the blood of poor people.

Speak out against crime and violence.

Withdraw your supports from the political system.

Denounce corruption and deception.

Firmly reject homosexuality and lesbianism.

Gays are going in the wrong direction.

Call attention to priggish preachers of false religion.

Do not tolerate exploitation and greed.

Highlight the importance of human life.

Discourage abortions and the molestation of children.

We must ensure that every child lives safely.

Give class distinction and racism thumbs down.

Put a stop to physical and verbal abuse.

Do not join the police or the military.

Act wisely and desert these evil organizations at once.

Down with harassment and intimidation!

Let real love replace the hatred in the heart.

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My country
Our world


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