My Views 6

Is it not true that you grew up in a community with many children of your age group?
Your parents were the first persons who introduced you to verses from the Bible
And they took you with them to church to study about God and His son, Jesus Christ
You and other kids went to school and all of you received the same level of education

When you became an adult, you chose to pursue a course in theology and Bibliology
But your peers were not interested in preaching, so they chose other professions
You convinced yourself that God called you to Christianity and He anointed you
And you think you are a member of the 144,000 chosen ones who will be in heaven

You became a preacher and you founded a religious organization in no time
Then you started to mislead people by claiming you are a true messenger of God
You even went as far as saying your new-found religion is the only true religion
Furthermore, you labelled all other religious organizations as false religions

According to you, some texts in the Bible are about you and they were written for you,
But there is no proof that God commissioned you in particular to preach and teach
You knew that the writings of the Bible have been around for thousands of years,
So you cunningly made the same absurd claims as many other religious fanatics did

You said nobody can read the Bible and understand it without your interpretation
Why would God give only you the ability to understand and to interpret the Bible?
In a sense, you insulted the learned people who taught you how to read and write
You fail to see the flaws and the irrationality in your thinking and your reasoning

People should never trust a preacher who said God sent him or her to do any work
As a matter of fact, the Bible was not written only for the clergy, it is for everyone
The people whom you brainwashed believed your lies and gave you their money
You enriched yourself by means of a fraudulent ministry, you are a dishonest person

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My community
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Our world


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